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Hi, I'm Cole Lovitt. I am a multidimensional multimedia visual storyteller and designer based out of the San Francisco Bay Area.


My passion for graphic design has organically evolved from making concert flyers in my youth to generating marketing materials for multimillion-dollar companies. I have created graphics for a wide variety of companies in a multitude of industries.


I spent many years in the fashion industry before pursuing my passion for the sciences. I graduated magna cum laude from Portland State University with a degree in Biology. I focused my academic career on animal behavior research and have worked with Aviarios del Caribe Sloth Rescue, Oregon Primate Rescue, the Oregon Marine Mammal Stranding Network, the California Academy of Sciences, and the SF SPCA.


While at the SPCA many clients expressed that they would rather surrender their cats than have an 'ugly' classic cat tree in their homes. Driven to remedy this predicament, I created Auctor Rimora design firm specializing in high end feline-friendly bookcases.


I am currently the Program Manager at Acre Gourmet, a small woman-owned business promoting healthy and sustainable food systems in learning institutions, as well as a freelance graphic and web designer. 


I am grateful for, and proud of, my diverse background which informs my work and allows me to maneuver within myriad concepts and fields. When I am not telling stories with pictures and text I am playing music, teaching my cat tricks, surfing, traveling, camping, at a show, on the dance floor, or jumping into a body of water.



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