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Furniture Design
- Auctor Rimora Designs -

The Salebra Cat Cabinet

Eradicating the need for a traditional cat tree, this custom feline-friendly book cabinet is visually stealth as cat furniture, therefore remaining in harmony with the interiors of the home. A series of steps in the rear provide ample space for feline frolicking, and lead to peek-a-boo cubbies and a rooftop view. Scratching pads on the top and sides of the cabinet are made of subtle yet satisfying carpeting that blends with the wood. Transparent dividers protect books and precious items from being disturbed by curious cats, while allowing light to pass through the cabinet. It can be placed in front of a window so you, your cat, and your houseplants can all enjoy the sunlight. Each piece is hand-crafted by from FSC® certified materials, using all-wood joinery and uninterrupted grain for the highest standard of quality and beauty.  

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